Research Topics of i-CoAST2020

Title : Crisis and Integrated Management for Coastal and Marine Safety


Coastal Engineering Coastal & Ocean Structure; Coastal Hydraudynamics; Coastal Observation, Measurement, and Monitoring; Estuaries; Nearshore Processes; Sediment Processes & Morphology; Tsunami & Storm Surge; Waves
Coastal Management Beach Erosion; Climate Change; Coastal(Marine) Renewable Energy; Coastal Zone Management; Disaster Prevention & Safety Management
Coastal Policy Approach Coastal & Marine Tourism; Coastal & Ocean Management Policy; Marine Spatial Planning; Ocean Economy and Innovation
Coastal Pollution Coastal Environmental Radioactivity; Marine Dispersion Modeling with Atmosphere; Marine Food Chain Modeling and Radionuclide; Radioactive Survey of Coastal Areas
Geo-Spatial Application in Coastal Area Coastal Mapping; Coastal Remote Sensing; Geographical Information System in Coastal Area; Hydrographic Surveying

i-CoAST 2020 Special Session

    ■  The 2nd International Symposium on Beach Erosion Management in Asia (ISBEM)

    ■  Marine Engineering Technology

    ■  Convergence Technology related to Water Safety and Underwater Safety