i-CoAST2020 is organized by the legacy of the successful symposium in Busan 2014 (3rd International Rip Current Symposium), Incheon 2016 and 2018 (2nd & 3rd International Water Safety Symposium).

i-CoAST2020 was founded in 2019 with a greater focus on engineering, policy, tourism and the environment in coastal space.

At i-CoAST2020, various studies will be presented on Coastal engineering, Coastal management, Coastal policy approach, Coastal pollution, and Geo-spatial approach in coastal area.

The 2nd International Symposium on Beach Erosion Management in Asia hosted by Beach & Shore Management Center (BSMC) in Sungkyunkwan University will be held in the form of special session.

Key schedule of i-CoAST2020 is as follows:

In May 2020 : Website OPEN
June 1 ~ July 10 : i-CoAST2020 Abstract Submission & Early-Bird Registration
July 17 : Abstract Evaluation & Notification of Results
September 10 : Full-paper Submission Deadline for JCR SI#114 Publishing
October 27 : i-CoAST2020 Day 1 / Welcome Reception
October 28 : i-CoAST2020 Day 2 / Conference Day#1
October 29 : i-CoAST2020 Day 3 / Conference Day#2
October 30 : i-CoAST2020 Day 4 / Business Meeting

*Under the agreement with the Coastal Education & Research Foundation, the accepted papers, which have passed the review process, will be published in the Special Issue of the Journal of Coastal Research (Coming February 2021).

We ask for your continuous interest and participation.
Thank you so much.