Chairperson Sungkyunkwan University Prof. Jung Lyul Lee
Korea Maritime and Ocean University Prof. Jaehyung Lee
Seoul YMCA Dr. Gyu Tae Cho
Executive Secretary Gyeongsang National University Dr. Jooyong Lee
Secretary General i-CoAST Mr. Jong Min Lim
Conference Ambassador University of Western Australia Prof. John Rong chung HSU
Universidad de Cantabria (IHCantabria), Spain Prof. González Mauricio
Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Indonesia Dr. Adi Prasetyo
Asia Climate Change Education Center Dr. Dai-Yeun Jeong
Hydro-Informatics Institute, Thailand Dr. Sutat Weesakul
Local Organizing Committee Catholic Kwandong University Prof. Bum-Shick Shin
COEN Solution Co., LTD Dr. Seon Jung Park
COEN Solution Co., LTD Dr. Seung-Min Park
Gyeongsang National University Prof. Gun Wook Baeck
Gyeongsang National University Prof. Jong-Hyun Lee
Gyeongsang National University Prof. Sungnam Hong
Gyeongsang National University Prof. Woo Dong Lee
Hanbat National University Prof. Min Sik Hwang
Hanyang University Prof. Sungwon Shin
Inha University Prof. Soohong Park
Kangwon National University Prof. Taemin Ha
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute Dr. Byung-Il Min
Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology Dr. Hak Soo Lim
Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology Dr. Kyeong Ok Kim
Korea Maritime Institute Dr. Jeong-In Chang
Korea Ports & Harbours Association Dr. Chang-Hwan Ji
Korea Power Exchange Dr. Hyunsu Kim
Korea Rural Community Corporation Dr. Jae-Seon Yoon
Kyonggi University Prof. Byoungkil Lee
Pusan National University Prof. Hyun-Seok Lee
Sangmyung University Prof. Man Ki Park
Seoul YMCA Dr. Jihan Ryu
Seoul YMCA Dr. Sunggil Kim
University of Seoul Prof. Yunsoo Choi