Coastal Engineering Coastal & Ocean Structure; Coastal Hydrodynamics; Beach Erosion & Sediment Transport; Disaster Prevention & Safety Management.
Coastal Infrastructure Safety Marine Dispersion Modeling with Atmosphere; Flooding and Debris; Radioactive Survey of Coastal Areas.
Geo-Spatial Application Coastal Mapping & Positioning; Remote Sensing Techniques and Applications in Coastal & Marine Area; Geospatial Applicaitons in Coastal & Marine Area; GeoAI & Big Geospatial Data Applications in Coastal & Marine Area; Hydrographical Surveying & Marine Observation.
Coastal Policy Approach Ocean Economy; Marine Spatial Planning & Management Policy.
Coastal Rescue & Tourism Coastal Safety & Rescue Services; Coastal & Marine Tourism.
Coastal Visualization Visual Contents and Computer Graphics of Coastal Ocean Model; Data Visualization for Coastal Places.

i-CoAST2023 Special Sessions

Special Session #1 Marine Science & Engineering (by Gyeongsang National University)
Special Session #2 Coastal Renewable Energy (by Rural Research Institute)
Special Session #3 Coastal Resilience (by Korea Society of Coastal and Ocean Engineers)
Special Session #4 Coastal Digital Twin (by Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology)
Special Session #5 Ocean Economy & Statistics (by Korea Maritime Institute)
Special Session #6 2nd International Symposium on Beach Erosion Management (by Beach & Shore Management Center in Sungkyunkwan University)