Fullpaper Guidelines

  1. All authors who wish to submit a paper for the Special Issue #116 of the Journal of Coastal Research are invited to do so by Mar. 6th, 2023.

  2. Each attendee can only submit ONE paper as a lead author. Also, one attendee cannot submit more than two papers of a lead author and corresponding author. But, there is no limit to the numbers of co-authors.

  3. Instructions for preparing and submitting your paper to i-CoAST2023 in JEJU are provided below. Some relevant general points are provided here first:
    • - We invite submission of papers relating to oral presentations as well as posters.
    • - It is not obligatory to submit a paper–you can present your work at the conference without publishing a paper in the special issue of Journal of Coastal Research.
    • - We aim to improve the quality of the papers and increase the involvement of the delegates by engaging all delegates in the   paper reviewing process.
    • - As always with conferences, the time table is very tight and also rigid. We must therefore all adhere to the deadlines, both for   paper submission and reviewer’s comment. We cannot accept papers submitted after the deadline, nor can we accept papers   by authors who do not engage in a timely manner with the reviewing process.

Preparing your paper

  1. A template with numerous instructions in the margin and additional information at the end of the document is available. Please, try and conform to the guidelines. Reviewers will be specifically asked whether a paper is in the correct format and we will not be correcting the lay-out of your paper. If the paper is not in the JCR format, it will not be accepted.

  2. Also note that papers to be submitted should be 5 pages long. Papers that exceed the page limit will be rejected and papers with less than 5 pages are unlikely to contain sufficient information to warrant publication either. The template is in Word format (.doc), and your paper must be submitted in the same format.

Paper Submission

  1. Full papers are not mandatory, however if you would like to submit a paper the deadline is Mar. 6th, 2023. Papers will be reviewed during February and March.

  2. Three paper templates are given with different examples of how to deal with multiple affiliations and paper styles. Please follow the templates, JCR_Formatting_Guide, and JCR_Fullpaper_Checklist carefully. All papers must be submitted using this template.

  3. Papers not formatted correctly cannot be accepted for publications of JCR.


  1. Each registration fee covers ONE abstract ONLY. At least one person per each abstract must be registered to be included in the review process for publication.